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Treviso 20 km away , main town of the Marca Trevigiana has a long perimeter of walls built in 1509 by Serenissima and from an hydraulic system that goes through and around it

This hydraulic system was alimented by a good number of springs and by the river Sile, it was once a natural way of transportation from Venice and was used to water the near country side.



























Montebelluna 109 meters above sea level,
World wide famous for shoes manufacturing it is interesting to visit the Boots Museum
50 meters from the hotel.

Asolo, 12 km away, is on top of Asolani cliffs in a very nice position
Hidden within ancient walls the is a pre Roman Rocca you can climb, the way up is made of 100 steps that begin in the piazza Maggiore.

Castelfranco Veneto, 15 km a way, is a Medieval borgo within its walls there is a public garden.
The main street takes you to San Liberale Square, where you can visit the Duomo with beautiful Palladian shapes and Doric columns.

The elegant wooden bridge on the river Brenta , on a draw of the Palladio, is the most important monument of the town. It has been destroided several times by the strong river and by the wars has a characteristic shape of the Palladio model.
Bassano, 27 km away, is the place of artisans and you can steel see working clay as the used to.

Possagno, 12 km away: The native house of Antonio Canova, next to it the said museum Gipsoteca, that it offers a complete panorama on the activity of the artist. Other works of the Canova, Luca Giordanoi and Palma Il Giovane are guarded in the Tempio Canoviano, designed and begun from the artist.

Maser is well known because of the Villa Barbaro, wanted by Daniele Barbaro , its realisation was given to a pull of exceptional artists in 1569:Palladio, gave shape, Paolo Veronese painted them and Alessandro Vittoria finished out the job by taking care of scultures.

Villa Emo di Fanzolo, 10 km away: The palladian villa which outcome of one new tipology, where the practical necessities of the agricultural life are translate in unknown shapes and a new language inspired ancient architecture, has without doubt a point of definitive landing place in Emo villa. The buildings work them to the conduction of the campaigns, than in the four hundred
villa accidentally they are decided around the courtyard, in villa Emo catch up an architectonic synthesis never seen before, that it re-unites in linear dominicale house, barchesse and to colombare

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